Why We Don’t Print Conference Books

As the MAGI conference has grown, it has become impractical to print complete conference books for attendees.  Each 2,000-page book would weigh about 10 pounds (printed double-sided).  Most people do not want to carry around a book that large.  Being “green” is not our primary consideration, but complete books for all attendees would weigh over three tons and make a stack as high as a 20-story building.  We understand that attendees who want printed books incur an extra cost, but it should be only about $10-20.

If you have laptop computer and do not want to print your conference book, bring your computer to the conference.  There will be plugstrips in the first two rows of seating.

Other large clinical research conferences that we attend do not provide printed materials.  To the best of our knowledge, their attendees must download materials one session at a time, which is very time-consuming.  Our system is much better for attendees.  We can’t guarantee that every attendee will be satisfied with our approach, but most people seem to prefer it.

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